A6300 Test Shots

What up everyone! I wanted to revamp the blog for whats to come. What’s to come you ask? Baby SUNGA IS COMING!! We can’t wait to meet our baby Isla this coming December and I knew it was the perfect time to upgrade my camera so I can take pictures as the little one grows with us. It’s really exciting to think about whats to come and I feel that I needed a little more power and something faster to capture those moments. I decided to upgrade to the Sony A6300 from my RX100. The RX100 has been the most faithful camera in the past 5-6 years and I still love it till this day. It’s just a bit old and with RX100 MK 5 out now, I knew it was time to upgrade, but no worries I am still keeping the RX100 when I’m in a pinch. Well enough rambling, I took my A6300 for a test drive today with the Sigma 19mm lens to see what it can do. I can’t wait to try other lenses with this thing and can’t wait to share new pictures with everyone.

Here are some pictures I took of my homies Emma and Ellie today. Crazy girls with amazing hearts.