I can’t believe it has been almost a whole year since Isla has been born. This has probably been the most tiring year I have ever had in my life haha. But I would not trade it for anything else. A lot of my perspectives in life have changed because of this girl. Having Isla has made me appreciate everything a lot more and hold on to the time we have more dearly. It still amazes me that the love I felt for her was instant, from the moment she was born, I was hooked. I honestly thought people were exaggerating or maybe even lying a bit, I just couldn’t comprehend how you can love someone unconditionally on the first time meeting them. But its true, I felt the love for Isla as soon as I saw her and everything that she is, does, and will do, I will love unconditionally. Enough of my ranting, I just wanted to have a post to show some of the photos throughout the year I’ve taken on my camera. Watch out, it’s going to be lots and lots of photos haha, crazy dad alert. Also small shoutout to a certain someone for showing some love on the blog and noted to me to make this post, you know who you are.