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A6300 Test Shots

What up everyone! I wanted to revamp the blog for whats to come. What’s to come you ask? Baby SUNGA IS COMING!! We can’t wait to meet our baby Isla this coming December and I knew it was the perfect time to upgrade my camera so I can take pictures as the little one grows with us. It’s really exciting to think about whats to come and I feel that I needed a little more power and something faster to capture those moments. I decided to upgrade to the Sony A6300 from my RX100. The RX100 has been the most faithful camera in the past 5-6 years and I still love it till this day. It’s just a bit old and with RX100 MK 5 out now, I knew it was time to upgrade, but no worries I am still keeping the RX100 when I’m in a pinch. Well enough rambling, I took my A6300 for a test drive today with the Sigma 19mm lens to see what it can do. I can’t wait to try other lenses with this thing and can’t wait to share new pictures with everyone.

Here are some pictures I took of my homies Emma and Ellie today. Crazy girls with amazing hearts.

Birthday Bust?

This year I turn 29, I wanted to keep this year to a minimum and not have a big celebration. I did not want Jessica to throw me anything as far as big dinner or party. I felt that the last couple weeks has been so busy I just wanted a relaxing weekend.

First off before I start getting emo or pessimistic I just want to say thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. Wether it was through facebook, instagram, snap chat, hangouts, or text messages. I truly appreciate all the greetings and vibes coming my way, even though it took a few seconds of your day, it made my day.

I guess this is where the sucky stuff comes in. I get it, I told Jessica I didn’t want any party for my birthday or big social gathering. I just wanted to relax and enjoy the weekend. But it doesnt mean i didnt want any some sort of bday treats (aside from the wife). I didn’t expect anything from people I’m not close with or people I see sometimes to do/give something. But I did want some effort from my close friends and family. I believe out of all my close friends only 1 asked to have dinner/lunch with them this week. Out of my immediate family and Jessica’s family, no one asked me for a dinner, yet I have been there or reached out for dinners for them. At little sad, but its not about the dinner. Its about the gesture, I feel that I give a lot to my friends and family, you know who you are. Wether its celebrations, being there, gifts, and any other things in between that they need. And on the day of my bday, I didnt really get that appreciation back. Even the group of friends I have recently started to chill with this year only some of them wished me happy bday when I saw them this weekend, does it hurt? Yeah kinda. I didnt expect all of them to greet me but there were a certain few that I felt like I did a lot for and they didn’t wish me a happy bday and didnt get me anything small. I know that sounds selfish but I get people say its better to give then receive, but I have given, and given, sometimes I want to receive something. Was i expecting a big grand gesture? No, just a happy bday, maybe a small thing from them as I did for them. There is nothing that Jessica did wrong, she made my Bday just the way I wanted, and she got me some sweet Supreme stuff. I love you babe – to the moon and back.

Do I feel that nice guys finish last? No, I dont think they finish last but I do think that doing nice things for people does get forgotten sometimes. I do a lot for the people I am close with and I get them things even if its not their bday/holiday. That is just me, even if its for Jessica’s friends or family, and if I feel that they have done things for Jessica and I, I will take care of them too. I guess people don’t see that, they just see the loud guy, that is not afraid to say things to their face or they see it as a gesture from Jessica even though I did half the stuff. Yes I do say a lot of things that make people uncomfortable but that is just me being real with the ones I love. I give a lot and I guess I expect that from certain people to give back to me too. With all that said, I guess i just wanted to get this off my chest.

I am happy I get to live another year, the wife is happy, baby is healthy, and I still got so much love from some friends and family. I’m ready for 29 and I will still care for everyone that is there for me. Now that its off my chest, I am all good and some good news, I will start blogging again. I am thinking about getting a new camera but for the time being I will load up the RX100.