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Isla’s Baby Shower

Yesterday, Leslie, Gmoney, Tammy, and Victor threw us a amazing baby shower. I can’t thank all 4 of you enough for what you guys did for the shower. A special thanks to Jessica’s parents and aunts that made/brought food. Also to everyone else that helped out, thank u!  The place, the decorations, the games, the planning, everything was more than Jessica and I could ask for!! Know that when the time comes we will definitely do the same for your kids (Of course we spoil Emma/Ellie already :] ) !

Seeing the people that came out to celebrate with us and bring gifts makes me truly appreciate them. I honestly don’t know what to say without repeating my appreciation and ‘thank yous’ to everyone that was apart of the baby shower. I’m glad Isla has two loving families from my side and Jessica’s side and a great group of friends to add to that. I wish I got my camera earlier to take pictures for the one my sisters threw for us as well, but enjoy the ones from yesterday that Leslie, Gmoney, Tammy, and Victor threw.

Again, thank you for everyone that helped out for the Shower and also for the amazing gifts!


Looking at some old photos on my computer, I noticed some that I never got to put up on the blog. Combining the events again, so first one was Jessica and I’s first valentines day as a married couple! We just walked around D.C. and went sight seeing and of course had some Daikaya on that cold ass day. Since there was a long wait for ramen we ended up hitting up Bar Deco for some drinks and bomb poutine fries!

Philly time!

The second event was a trip with one of our favorite couples, Victor and Theresa. We went to Philly to catch a Chinese Lantern Festival. The lanterns itself were pretty sweet, just wish it didn’t rain that day so we could have experienced it better. The rest of the trip was all about eating and we introduced Theresa to some Philly DUMPLINGS. Thinking about it now, I definitely want to go back soon and get some, who wants to go?