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I can’t believe it has been almost a whole year since Isla has been born. This has probably been the most tiring year I have ever had in my life haha. But I would not trade it for anything else. A lot of my perspectives in life have changed because of this girl. Having Isla has made me appreciate everything a lot more and hold on to the time we have more dearly. It still amazes me that the love I felt for her was instant, from the moment she was born, I was hooked. I honestly thought people were exaggerating or maybe even lying a bit, I just couldn’t comprehend how you can love someone unconditionally on the first time meeting them. But its true, I felt the love for Isla as soon as I saw her and everything that she is, does, and will do, I will love unconditionally. Enough of my ranting, I just wanted to have a post to show some of the photos throughout the year I’ve taken on my camera. Watch out, it’s going to be lots and lots of photos haha, crazy dad alert. Also small shoutout to a certain someone for showing some love on the blog and noted to me to make this post, you know who you are.

2017 – Year of the optimist

As I sit here writing this post while Jessica gets ready in the other room, all I can think about is how up and down this past year was. I wouldn’t say 2016 was horrible but it wasn’t amazing either, there were a lot of sucky things the happened but also great. I know a lot of people focus on the negative and I’m definitely one of those people. But I wan’t to think differently this year, I want to look at the glass half full.

As a start of me becoming a better person and looking at life’s best moments, I won’t focus on the bad. Let me make a list of the great things that Jess and I were able to do and accomplish.

  1. After being out most of 2015 due to my ACL surgery, I was able to play basketball, football, and be active in a long time. Man, so many things went through my mind if I would even try to play sports again. Knowing that I literally don’t have my original ACLs anymore on both knees is crazy. I know a lot of people would have quit or stopped competitive sports in general but thats not who I am. I am as competitive as can be and people who know me, I am very intense.
    • But why? I think of it this way, if life knocks you down, you get back up and do that shit AGAIN. If someone was in a car accident and was able to recover, they can either never drive again or drive everyday. Why go away from things I love to do because there was set backs? Just cause I had ACL surgeries on both knees doesn’t mean I stop being competitive, I stop winning, I stop trying. If I am prepared and my body is right, whats there to be scared about?
  2. Jessica and I was able to win our first FXA Coed Flag football CHAMPIONSHIP, with ME as quarterback. It was a wonderful experience, we won with a team that we created with victor and hand picked players we love playing with. There was no better feeling coming back from injury and being able to go out there and win a championship with a team with so much potential and so fun to play with. It took us 3 seasons and we were able to do it! We were so close the first season, and the 2nd was a disaster as I was out for the whole year from surgery. Shoutout to to our team – Victor, Tim, Kyung, Razel, Droo, Queena, Abby, Tommy, Gmoney, and last but not least Andy. Thanks for riding with me and believing I could QB – for a lot of us it was a first Championship 🙂
  3. We won our 2nd Championship! but this time it was something so much more. Don’t get me wrong winning the first one was amazing especially at being QB. A lot of doubters out there; so that first one was for yall. This second one though was with a team Jessica and I have been with for a long time. When I finished VCU and I came back to Nova for good, this team took me in. Jessica has grown up with all these guys/girls but I was a new comer. We’ve been to 3 championships together? And we lost all 3. We had so much heartbreak and we kind of dissolved in the last few years, but Queena/Hung reached out to make it happen again and everyone was all for it.
    • This time was different, we played amazing, we played the way we should have the past championships. It was a great game, definitely a nail biter as we ended up winning in in the last few minutes of the game. And of course we made a great stop in the end. Congrats TEAM – Jess, Ray, Joyce, Shamus, Victor, Tammy, Queena, Kang, Duy, Hien and our clutch QB Hung!
  4. Jess, Kyung, Riz, Rob and I got to go to the Saints training camp and meet DREW BREES! Amazing, just to see them out there playing and having Drew sign my hat and jersey. Seeing Coach Payton and getting a picture with him. I didn’t think I would ever get to see them that close but shoutout for Rob/Riz/Kyung for setting it up. I’m so grateful to have experienced that.
  5. We got to see our close friends/family get married, engaged, and having kids. Man, life feels like its moving so fast sometimes. You have couples saying yes to forever, family members planning their wedding, your friends with mini version of them. Weddings, let me tell you, good amount of our friends got married and we cant wait for what 2017 has in store!
  6. We picked up two new sports – I fell in love with Ping pong and volleyball. People that know me know that I love to get into new sports. I am very competitive and when I find something I like, I will do my best to take in all the knowledge and get better at it. It is great to learn new sports and be able to learn with Jessica together is even more amazing. We make each other better and it definitely gets our competitiveness going. Cheers to more ping pong, volleyball, tennis, football, basketball, etc…. the list continues to grow!
  7. We got to visit our new favorite City Chicago! Man what a beautiful city, we are definitely going back to see the rest of the Chicago. Talk about timing, we got to experience the love of a city like no other, the Cubs won their first World Series in 100+ years! Shoutout to Tim and Abby for setting it all up and for Tim to show us to some amazing spots. If you are very trying to decide a vacation in the U.S. and have already been to Cali/NYC, I highly suggest Chicago.
  8. More places! We went hiking in the Shenandoah Mountains, got to enjoy Philly food, went camping for the first time together and many more. We are so grateful to have amazing people in our lives. And we are lucky we got to experience these places with them.
  9. With the people already in our lives, we were fortunate to get close/closer to other people we newly met. I got to really know some people that I wish I met earlier in life. Amazing to meet someone that you feel like you were boyzz since elementary school. Also with others we were already close with, we got even closer. I really do feel like I am at a great place with people in my life. I know who is there for me, as I get older I see peoples intentions. I am happy with the people that have tried and continue to stay in contact. People put a heavy set on family, but some family members only come around when its convenient for them. That goes the same with friends as well, but you know what, let them go cause I know who will come.

I don’t want to ramble on since this is a long post and I usually don’t post this much content without pictures. I am really looking forward to 2017. I am starting to see the right people in our lives and who are here to enjoy life with us. I can’t wait to see what adventures we will be getting into, and cheers to looking at life with the glass half full. I will try my hardest to see the good in people and not nit pick at their flaws. Make my anxiety to a minimum, be less stressed, be happier, and just enjoy the ride.

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